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Miller's first book was released in stores on October 7th, 2008.  Issued by Kaplan Publishing, Teaching in Circles is now available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.]

...from The Compulsive Reader
...Teaching in Circles is not a fun filled happy little work, nor is it a down in the mouth all kids are awful and what else can I do with this degree type work. Miller strikes a happy, and at times, humorous balance. Miller mentions what he calls –broken kids- every teacher has had them in their classroom, and he discusses the fact that while kids are broken, schools are impotent, families are clueless and politicians are misguided; schools are to meet those guidelines, goals, standards and high test results demanded of them.

You can read the full review here.

...from Goodreads.com
...Teaching in Circles is not the memoir of a content and fulfilled teacher ready to pass on his wisdom to future generations. And thank goodness, really, because what Miller offers instead is much more honest and interesting.  Miller is brutally honest, frequently self-critical, bitterly sarcastic, and full of doubts - just like many of the good but struggling teachers that I know and also like the teacher I might become...

...from The Daily Grind blog
...he was able to put into a book what I've been ruminating for the last month. But more importantly, his story was exactly what I needed at the moment. Has it navigated me out of the doldrums, probably not. Yet, it brought me comfort.